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Aberystwyth: A Place For…

Lonely Planet Wales describes Mid Wales as:

“Wales at its most rural, a sweep of undulating hills that the Industrial Revolution bypassed, and there’s a wonderful, unhurried charm to discovering its winding back roads. Criss-crossed with country lanes and dedicated cycling and walking route, it’s an excellent area to explore under your own steam.”

Lonely Planet Wales

Aberystwyth is located on the coastal heart of Mid Wales, surrounding by hills inland and the Irish sea to the west, creating a very special place for a range of activities, enjoyment, holidays and more. The town houses a large University which adds to the diversity of shops, businesses, activities and attractions that Aberystwyth boasts.

Here then, are some things that you may wish to know about our little jewel of a town Aberystwyth, located on the curving shore of Cardigan Bay.

Aberystwyth: A Place For … Outdoors

Aberystwyth: A Place For … Architecture

Aberystwyth: A Place For … Nature

Aberystwyth: A Place For … Worship

Aberystwyth: A Place For … History

Aberystwyth: A Place For … Enjoyment

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