Promoting Aberystwyth Town Life

Aberystwyth – A Place for Worship

Aberystwyth is a place of great spirituality, and has a long-standing tradition of worship. Saint Padarn’s Church in Llanbadarn Fawr (a Church of Wales), for example, was founded in the sixth century and is the largest medieval church in mid-Wales. In his New Aberystwyth Guide dated 1824, Thomas Jeffery Llewelyn Pritchard described the imposing St Michael’s Church, on Laura Place, and other places of worship in the town at that time:

The Church is a plain, unimposing structure (not Gothic as generally described)…but neat, and capable of accommodating from seven to eight hundred persons…The Church is served by the Rev. Richard Morgan, perpetual curate…in the morning, in English; and at three o’clock in Welsh…The other places of worship are – a Baptist chapel, in Baker Street; a Wesleyan Methodist chapel, in Queen Street; a Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, in Mill Street; and an Independent Chapel, in Penmaes Glâs…The state of religion in Aberystwyth is considered very favourable.

The New Aberystwyth Guide, Thomas Prichard

This favourable state of affairs continues to this day, and Aberystwyth is well served by religious houses of many denominations. From Anglican to Presbyterian, Catholics to Quakers: the Place of Peace Dharma House and the Mosque on Llanbadarn Road, the Salvation Army to the Methodist Church. All have found a home within the town’s boundaries, and continue to serve eclectic congregations from many walks of life. Aberystwyth is a town of inclusivity, and accommodates many of our needs: from the religious, to the secular.

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