Promoting Aberystwyth Town Life

Aber Town & Gown Constitution

Last Updated 29th September 2015



The name of the partnership is Aber Town and Gown / Aber Tref a Gwisg


The partnership’s aim is to support the development of a strong local economy in Aberystwyth and district. This will be done through promoting the advantages to students and others, of living in quality privately rented properties and utilising local businesses.


In order to carry out the aims of the group, the committee may:

(1) Raise funds and receive contributions.

(2) Engage in contracts to achieve the aims of the partnership.

(3) Co-operate with other groups and organisations.

(4) Do all such other lawful things as are necessary to achieve the aims.


Membership of the partnership is open to any person, business or organisation wanting to support the aims of the partnership.  An up to date membership list will be kept.


(1) The Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of October, with 14 days written notice given to all members, which may be by electronic means.

(2) The committee will present the annual report and accounts.

(3) At each AGM Members will elect, as Honorary Officers, a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary for the coming year, and up to nine other committee members.
– Honorary Officers can only hold their post for 3 years and must retire for at least one year.

(4) Members can put themselves forward for election to the committee at the AGM.

(5) Every member has one vote. A member is described as

a. A business

b. A family or other partnership

c. An individual who owns a ‘business’ independently


(1) The committee will hold at least two meetings but no more than 12 meetings each year.

(2) Dates of committee meetings will be publicised to members, who may contact committee members with suggestions for inclusion on the agenda

(3) At least five members of the committee must be present at a meeting to be able to take decisions.

(4) The committee will keep minutes and maintain accounts, which can be viewed by any member on request.

(5) The committee may appoint four co-opted members in addition to those elected at the AGM for the period to the next AGM

(6) Committee members must not be paid; however reasonable expenses can be reimbursed.

(7) Where the partnership wishes to commission a piece of work above a value of £500 this will be publicised to all members, and three quotes would normally be sought for any piece of work, which may include sourcing quotes from non-members. Members, including committee members, must not be involved in the decision-making process relating to any contract where they have submitted a quote or tender for the work.


(1) Funds will be held in a bank account operated by the committee in the name of the partnership.  At least three committee members, who must not be related to each other, will be registered as cheque signatories. All cheques must be signed by two signatories, one normally being the Treasurer.

(2) Funds shall only be used to support the aims of the group.

(3) Membership fees will be agreed annually at the AGM for the following academic year.
The first year’s fees shall be:

a. Founding members – no further payment for first two years

• And then shall be included as ordinary Members

b. Private landlords: £15 per property (see section H.3  below)

c. Other businesses: £15-£25 / month (see section H.4  below)

(4) Members who are not meeting the aims and objectives, or who are seen to bring disrepute upon Aber Town and Gown may be removed from the membership list. The process for this will be:

(5) Following a complaint about a member, which may bring the partnership into dispute, an EGM must be called by at least 3 members and held with at least 7 days notice. All members are eligible to attend an EGM.  Written minutes must record the vote and the member informed in writing within 5 days.


Non – members:

(1) All local, private landlords and letting agents that meet the standards set out by the local authority and law will be able to list their property on the website free of charge, (this will be called a basic listing).

(2) Free listings for businesses will be in a directory.


(3) Landlords may, upon payment of a fee of £15 per property upload an agreed number of photographs of each property, together with a links to other sites about the property, e.g. a website, YouTube etc (this will be called a featured listing).

(4) Other (non-lettings) businesses will be able to advertise on the site, in return for their membership fee.


Changes to the constitution or a decision to wind up the partnership must be confirmed by a majority of members present and voting at a general meeting for all members called with 14 days notice.  Any assets remaining on dissolution will be given to a group with similar aims.