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The Furnished Status of A Property: What Do They Mean?

Furnished Status of a Property

You’re searching for the perfect property to move into, but all of a sudden there are different terms and descriptions for how furnished the property is. So what do all of the different furnished status of a property terms REALLY mean?


This is the very basic “furnished status of a property”. Usually, but not always this would include a cooker and fridge – be sure to ask about this as your view the property. Occasionally curtains and lampshades are included, but again not necessarily. Be prepared to bring everything you need to live in the house, including beds, table, chairs, sofa etc.


Usually properties will either come as furnished or unfurnished. Furnished means that all large items of furniture (e.g. bed, wardrobe, sofa, dining table etc.) as well as white goods (e.g. cooker, fridge, washing machine, microwave etc.) are included in the rent. Again be sure to double check when on your viewing but a property with a furnished status would generally include the above.

Fully Furnished

The best way to describe fully furnished is a property which gave everything for your convenience, as if you were renting a holiday home for a week. All items in “Furnished” are included, plus bedding, cutlery, crockery, bedside lamps etc. Basically, just bring your suitcase!


Anywhere in between the above three. Talk to the landlord to know exactly what is included, and exactly what you need to bring.